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Youth & Children

Youth Ablaze is our National Youth Movement.

Youth Ablaze’s primary task is to assist local churches to establish Youth Ministry within their church and organise events that will help build stronger relationships between young people across the nation.

Youth Leaders Retreat 2016

The 2016 National Youth Leaders Retreat of the Apostolic Church Australia – 5-7th January 2016
Details to be announced mid 2015.

Special Religious Education (SRE)

The Apostolic Church Australia endorses curricula for use in schools. Curricula is available for the perusal of interested persons, both in accordance with regulation (as with SRE in NSW), and as a resource for those working with young people. Please click on the links below for more information.

ACA SRE Curriculum

GodSpace Curriculum


Childsafe Safety Management System

The Apostolic Church Australia uses the ChildSafe Safety Management System as an expression of our concern for the safety of children and young people in our care.

ChildSafe is a safety management system. People with different levels of responsibility and accountability in our organisation can make use of the three key elements: standards, training and accountability tools.

The key steps are :

1. People are Appointed to work with children and young people using a screening and appointment process.
2. Relevant Training is offered to assist people in the protection of Children from harm, and in safety (risk) management planning.
3. Keeping Track of our people and programs, and holding each other accountable for safe practices.

To log in to the Childsafe Safety Management Online System, click on the banner below

Childsafe Login